April 5th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

Damn ETS and WSU

Argh, so I turned in information to WSU for a curriculum review so they could evaluate what I'd need to complete their Masters in Education. I got an email on March 25th saying that I need to take the Praxis II in Mathematics: Content Knowledge before they can tell me if I need to take more math or not before I begin a Master's. Now, the kicker is that the test registration deadline for the 4/17/04 date was 3/23/04 (that's the late registration date). Now, for some reason the Praxis is only administered on certain dates, and the next one is June 12th. My understanding is that the master's program would start during the summer quarter.

Anyway, I just wrote an email to the guy who did my curriculum review, asking if I can apply for a conditional acceptance. The registration page states you only need the score by the time you begin your internship, so I may be all right.