March 10th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

Privileges of Being Married

Okay, so I was watching a CNN special last night before going to bed, and they were discussing gay marriage. Now, the most obvious reason to support gay marriage is by asking the question, why should same-sex couples be discriminated against (with regards to the financial rights) that straight couples experience? Extending that line of thought, I was wondering, why does our government give married couples these financial advantages? How are straight couples better than gay couples? Or for that matter, than single people?

I did a quick google search for 'history marriage benefits' but I didn't see anything useful. Is it because lawmakers want to encourage families? (I wonder how many couples are not parents.) Is there any scientific research that shows that couples are more productive than single people? Why were these laws established in the first place? If we had population decline, then I might understand providing incentives to be married and have children. Anyone have any ideas/sites/sources that might explain this to me?