February 20th, 2004

buzzed, B&W


Interesting little test they got here. I'm not sure what the deal is, but for some reason, I can't get the results page that doesn't ask me to meta-moderate the results. Anyway, here are my results. More interesting than the results themselves to me was the experimental section of the test on body types. As a male attracted to females, the test showed some various breasts. I wonder what it would show those attracted to males?

Favorite Qualities

  • Your photo choices suggest a woman over 45 is probably getting a little old for your tastes

  • You seemed interested in dating a woman at least 25 or older

  • Mainstream, lovely women

  • Sharp, narrow chins

  • Wide and angular "diamond" or heart-shaped faces

  • So-called "Ecto-Mesomorphs," with narrow chins and nicely angular faces

I think the getting old for my taste number is a bit high. The racial data was interesting (apparently no significant attraction towards minorities).

I do wish it would let me somehow save my results to a login (maybe if I had registered to match.com?) or username. It would also be cool if it let you compare results with others, but that could be difficult due to privacy concerns. Kind of a fun little test none the less.

It does remind me of The Spark's Personality Test a bit. Hmm, looking that up led to this new test by the guys who did the personality one. Apparently I'm the poolboy. (The test seems to be influenced by myers-briggs, with four binary attributes). The results seem reasonably accurate here too. I'm too tired to go read through the other 15 types though, so who knows.