February 19th, 2004

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For some reason, my missouri.edu address is still active. I just checked it and saw this beauty:

"When new laptops arrive, we will need training on what projectors are compatible."

Of course, I guess I shouldn't expect much when our tech specialist said something along the lines of "well, we need to wait before we get a new projector to see what kind of laptops we get." There's definitely a part of me that's glad I'm out of there, and I'm trying to imagine the chaos that will erupt when they get their new computers, with WinXp and Office 2003. Poor Ge-Anne . . . it's a good thing she's good at feigning ignorance.
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So, I was on a Newberry Medal kick for a while, and I recently read Holes, the 1999 winner. Last night, I rented the movie. It's a long movie, over two hours, but it's amazingly faithful to the book. Having read the book, I wondered how they were going to convey the whole story. It's a multi-generation story where the sin's of the father affect future generations. They did a good job of interweaving flashback type scenes and making it work so you could understand how everything tied together, and why the characters in the present were doing what they did. I was also impressed by the number of reasonably large names in the cast.
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Gay Marriage

So, there's lots of stuff about gay marriage these days, starting with the Massachusett's court, Bush saying marriage should be between a man and a woman, San Francisco actually holding marriages, and many other states dealing with the issue that's come to the forefront.

I wonder if I were gay, would I go to San Francisco to get married just to make the point that I should be allowed to do it. My brother wrote about how he thought marriages, well really relationships, should, or shouldn't be. I don't treat marriage as the institution my brother does, where true love and companionship are what counts. Well, he doesn't really treat marriage that way either, he treats relationships that way, and marriage is just a formality.

I'd agree that it's just a formality, so why not get married with a good friend solely for the economic benefits? IANAL but I don't know of any laws that prevent this. So why not get married for political reasons, to make the point that yes, you are gay, and you should deserve the same rights as all those silly hetero's out there? My attitude on marriage has changed some since I was 18, when I remember a kid in the dorm proposing to his professor, and really wanting to get married, but solely for the sake of performance art/social commentary. (He planned on getting married and divorced in the same day.) His professor turned him down, but I remember talking with him about how shouldn't marriage should be held to a higher plateau? Shouldn't it deserve more respect? I realize that was the exact point he was trying to make or bring to awareness, that our society doesn't value marriage any more. (Especially since he did talk about future plans with his girlfriend, and what their marriage would be.)

I guess now I'm much more for peoples rights to do whatever they want.

Marriage is love.