February 12th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

Another decent movie

So, I'm in Chicago, visiting Justin, and this evening we went and saw the first two hours of The New Americans. Was pretty interesting, especially since they had Q and A with the guys/girls of Kartemquin (the producers). The movie itself is about immigrants, they're journeys to America, and there struggles once in the US. The first two hours only started three of the five stories:
  1. a Palestinian woman who's marring a Palestinian American

  2. two Dominican's trying to make it by playing baseball

  3. Ogoni refuges from Nigeria

I'm tempted to watch the rest of the series when it comes on PBS. The two stories they didn't touch on in the first two hours are the Indian programmer coming in on an H1B visa during the tech boom, but ending up catching the crash, and a Mexican meatpacker who's trying to get the rest of his family to the States.

The movie does a good job of tying together the storylines, making it into one cohesive movie.