January 29th, 2004

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WOXY is dead, long live WOXY.com?

So, it looks like one of my favorite radio stations was acquired or sold or something. From their webpage:
Things change ... and things stay the same.

In 1983, little WOXY-FM in Oxford became known as 97X The Future of Rock and Roll, and the radio waves around Cincinnati and Dayton were never the same. In the 20 years since, we've brought you some of the best new Alternative, indie and Modern Rock.

We're a little stunned ourselves to announce the sale of WOXY to First Broadcasting Investment Partners of Dallas. The FCC approval process takes about three months, so the switch should occur sometime around May 1st. So that's a big change...

But! Our plans are to continue 97X The Future of Rock and Roll right here at woxy.com, including our internet broadcast. Over the next 90 days we'll be looking for sponsors or investors who will enable us to make this site and stream better than ever. We may be the first terrestrial radio station ever to make the full-time jump to the Internet!

Obviously our Tri-State area listeners will need to make the jump to the Internet with us. Moving away from our over-the-airwaves broadcast will be a little weird for us, too. 97X has brought us overwhelming joy - along with a fair share of tough times - but we're glad the soul and ethos of 97X will still live on.

Even though this is not really farewell, we want to say thank you from our hearts to you our listeners, without whom, obviously, there would have been no 20+ years. It has been our honor and privilege. What a long strange trip it's been.

We are also deeply grateful to the loyal advertisers who have steadfastly supported 97X and The Music.

See you in the Future.

Doug, Linda, Bake, Susan, Mike, Sledge, Barb, Shiv, Kathie, Phil, Jennifer, Bryan Jay and the entire 97X Family

Let's hope they're successful in maintaining internet streaming . . . they have some really cool shirts . . .
buzzed, B&W

My brother is not imaginary, nor cheap

So, my brother bought me a LiveJournal coupon, which I didn't plan on using, so I bought him one with mine, as they're not transferable. Anyway, we had this conversation about it:

HairyLunch2 (6:16:04 PM): bought you a coupon with my coupon
HairyLunch2 (6:17:01 PM): i'm so not-tricky
HairyLunch2 (6:17:19 PM): hopefully you get it . . .
Chichiri TC (6:17:28 PM): cool
Chichiri TC (6:17:35 PM): yeah, I was going to say I'll just buy it from you
HairyLunch2 (6:17:41 PM): buy it from me?
HairyLunch2 (6:17:48 PM): i didn't think it was transferable
Chichiri TC (6:17:51 PM): if you want, I'll buy you an imaginary girlfriend
HairyLunch2 (6:17:52 PM): isn't
HairyLunch2 (6:17:57 PM): off of ebay?
HairyLunch2 (6:18:15 PM): I saw listings for imaginary girlfriends on eBay . . . I forget who told me to look for that
HairyLunch2 (6:18:36 PM): and I think I'm creative enough to imagine my own girlfriend w/o you buying me one, don't you?
Chichiri TC (6:19:34 PM): it's not a question of creativity
Chichiri TC (6:19:36 PM): this is real
Chichiri TC (6:19:40 PM): you get real letters and stuff
HairyLunch2 (6:19:40 PM): eh?
HairyLunch2 (6:19:41 PM): lol
HairyLunch2 (6:20:04 PM): save yourself the money and write me letters yourself ;)
Chichiri TC (6:20:46 PM): no, I'd rather buy one
Chichiri TC (6:20:49 PM): my time is more expensive