January 28th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

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Hmm, at our office meeting this morning, cross-training was discussed, along with tech literacy (or more accurately, tech illiteracy). It was mentioned that our staff should cross-train as much as possible (by cross-train, learn how to do others duties/tasks), so that absences wouldn't be an issue, and we don't grow dependent upon individuals. All fine and dandy, but where do you draw the limit? How do you decide what's a general skill that everyone should know, and when do you decide it should be someone's specialty?

With regards to tech skills, one person mentioned that it wasn't their job to show others how to do things. Again, an argument that holds merit, as if one gets known as the person who has tech skills, then they can end up spending all their time serving as tech support, instead of doing their job, but still, as a non-profit that's going to be stressing collaboration and partnerships this next year as we undergo funding cuts, you'd think we'd have more positive attitudes about knowledge sharing in our office.