December 8th, 2003

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I wonder if my brother thinks this is true (from an interview with Marc Andreessen, writer of Mosaic and one of Netscape's founders)
The university has one of the top three electrical engineering departments and one of the top 10 computer science departments. It's phenomenally good. The reason it's so good is because there's nothing else to do. People tend to work a lot.
I laughed when I read that. UIUC doesn't seem that bad to me.
buzzed, B&W

Stupid Forwards

Argh, why am I suddenly getting forwards from people in my office? Do the holidays and the related slow down result in people doing more forwards? The optimist in me might interpret this as my becoming accepted by the office, and them including me in their culture. Of course, that's total garbage. I don't need to the see the picture of Microsoft's founders in 1978. Of course, that's not as bad as people sending me touchy-feely PPS files. (For those who don't know, PPS files are PowerPoint Slideshows - rather than opening in PowerPoint for editing, they open as a slideshow.) Bleh, stupid attachments that are close to a meg.