November 12th, 2003

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Budget Cuts

Man, people are weird about budget cuts. Our office has undergone a 25% cut in funding for the next year, or approximately $25,000. At our meeting this morning, they spent about 20 minutes going in circles about how we have to maintain quality and quantity of our programming. Okay, that's a great attitude to have, but how are you going to maintain both quality and quantity? And if you do, what do you think they're going to say when they look at the budget next year, and realize you did the same as you have in the past with 25% less money? The optimist would think they'd say "Wow, they really learned how to cut corners and increase productivity - let's give them more money so they can reach even more people!" The realist would predict "Oh my god, those people wasted $25,000 the previous year - they can serve just as many for a fraction of the cost!" In my mind we should aim for a 15-20% cut in programs, both to show that we do know how to cut some corners, but the budget cut is making the quantity of our programs suffer.

On another note, we had the issue of mailing vs. email come up again. I made the point that because we always offer to mail first, that very few people are going to take us up on email. I wasn't saying we eliminate the mail option, but make it much more subtle, as in you'd have to specifically request it, or we'd offer email and web resources first, and if they said they were offline, then we'd offer to snail mail. Seems to make sense to me . . . of course I do have a tech bias, but still . . .
buzzed, B&W

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