October 20th, 2003

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So I saw this blog entry linked from BlogCritics. From the blog entry:

And it's a good thing: only six songs into the gig, some idiot crowdsurfed to the front and landed on an amp, knocking out the power. Gig over. I would have been apoplectic with rage. My friend said it was a great performance while it lasted, though, and he was glad he went. Bully for him, but I'm not kidding when I say that people who crowdsurf should be publicly flogged. I came to this view early in life, watching Oasis from the very front of the crowd in Detroit when I was 17 and getting kicked in the head by lamers who were crowdsurfing to bloody Wonderwall.

While when I first read it I though it was funny, I also can sympathize with the writer. There are definitely stupid crowd-surfers, who have no clue what they're doing. There are the idiots who won't lay back but insist on trying to sit up, or even worse, to stay as close to upright as possible. This becomes a simple issue of pressure (force per unit area). When you lay back, each person has to carry much less of the load.

Then you have 200 pound people trying to crowd surf, and not understanding why they get dropped. And you also have girls who complain about getting groped when they decide to surf on their stomachs. I'll at least recognize the complaints from girls who surf on their backs and get groped, as that's just tasteless. Ladies lets think about this - you're on your stomach, your tits hanging down in the faces of lots of teenage boys - do you not think that there are going to be some who are desperate, drunk, or classless enough to take advantage of this opportunity?
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Virginia State Standards of Learning

Wow - I got this from a listserv I was on:

Virginia State Standards of Learning Science, Math and Technology Practice Test

The thing that really surprised me was when I started through the questions, the Technology 8 questions were surprising. I was shocked at the number of database questions, some of them specifically testing knowledge of SQL statements. Very cool that they're teaching SQL, but compared to questions like this one, the breadth and depth seems like it'd be daunting to teach.
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Bleh, as convenient as PowerPoint is for making slideshow presentations, I really wish that it would auto-compress. Apparently this is a feature in the XP version, where you can select if your presentation is for print or screen, and it'll compress images and things automagically. For screen, 72 dpi, as opposed to some of the 2 megapixel images I've inserted into my presentation. There is no reason a presentation should average 2 megs a slide . . .