October 11th, 2003

buzzed, B&W

Linux Users Group

So I went to this LUG meeting tonight. It was okay except for the dumb guy that decided he had to say "oh yeah" and "that's cool" after every sentence the presenter's said.

The group could use some focus or maybe just explanation to me. They had one person present on what a kernel was, and they just read a report they had written. The report was well written, but like most any report, wasn't well suited to an oral presentation as is. Oh, and none of the presenters introduced who they were, but instead just showed stuff off. I felt like the meeting was more of an "Intro to Linux" as the presentations showed off windowmanagers, an intro to KDE, an intro to Evolution, and an intro to Mozilla.

I also feel like there's a central group of four, and they seem to have the next 2 meetings planned out, which doesn't seem good to me. While it's good that there's a framework, they didn't solict any feedback, and the presentations were mainly ones where the four babbled to the audience. Not much participation, discussion, etc. I think I'll write them an email Monday or something . . .