October 10th, 2003

buzzed, B&W

People Watching

So I originally came out to the Mudhouse just to get away from the apartment, to kill some time, and maybe play some blackjack, trying to bone up a bit on basic strategy. I haven't been here in a while, and I had forgotten how enjoyable people watching can be. You look around this coffee shop, and while the crowd is generally young, you see all types. You see "beautiful babies" (in this case I'm referring to people who are all dressed up and look like they should be at a club, primarily of the female gender), a group of college-ish people in one of the corners (think a couch and two recliners) playing I never, two girls in dresses (one rather red and sequined), the four guys next to me playing Srabble (one of them singing the Suicide Machine's SOS under his breath).

Whoa, and I just plugged in my wireless card and there's access - woo hoo!. Must have been something they turned off for the summer. Man, lots of hyperlinks tonight - that's good. I would link more, but it takes some effort to go to google and find links, though usually the first result is good. (Lots of hyperlinkage is good as it prevents the end of the web as we know it.)

Ah, and as I respond to some email, the conversations around me make me smile - the high school seniors trying to hit on the 20 something guys - and the guy asking "you guys go to church around here?" What a great response - I'm not sure if he's just religous like that, or if he's just trying to scare the girls off.

I do think it's interesting how young the crowd is - I wonder where I'll be hanging out 10 years from now. I don't see the thirtysomething (I refuse to link to the 80s tv show) crowd hanging out anywhere I go - interesting how our society does segregate itself by age (or perhaps more likely by life stage, i.e. college student, yuppie - in the young professional sense, not in the stereotypical sense, young marrieds, family people, empty nesters, senior citizens, etc etc.)

People watching is just too much fun to try and work on blackjack strategy - and man, this chai is amazingly good tonight. And one of the guys just got a 117 point word by hitting two triple word scores with one play - I might say the guy was intelligent, but I'd say the other guy was dumb for exposing two triples (both of the triple word scores were available with tiles above or below them.)

Anyway, enough random people watching - I need to get more hot water to make some more chai.