September 27th, 2003

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Dad's new car

My dad has a new car. He got an Acura MDX, which now means my parents have matching cars. Her's is a tan color, while his is a deep blue. My Dad's though is the top of the line touring package with navigation system and DVD entertainment system. The navigation system is pretty slick, and he used it a lot to find the restaurants we were going to eat at and stuff. The entertainment system is pretty slick too. It has wireless headsets for the passengers (which are IR so line of sight dependent, so anyone in the front of the vehicle can't hear). The rear also has a separate tuner, so that they can listen to different music than those in front, and there's even a remote control. All really slick, but why now? It's not like there's anyone that's going to be sitting in the backseat now that my parents live alone
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Past lives

So, my parents visited me earlier this week. We went out for dinner Tuesday night, hung out Wednesday (mall, Korean grocery, more eating), and they left Thursday morning. Being my parents, they tried to give me lots of cash, buy me stuff, and fed me well.

Not wanting their aide, I tried to turn the money away. Though, when your step-mother shoves $250 (they wanted to pay for the cell phone I replaced) in your pocket in a public place, it's hard to try to give it back to her w/o flashing mad cash. In other words, I took the money. Part of me thinks it's not worth fighting them any more on this issue. I'ts not like they're doing it because they think I'm a failure, they're doing it because they want to and they have the means to do it. As someone at work mentioned, to them, 250 bucks is probably the same as $20 to the average person.

They also wanted to buy me stuff and kept saying "do you like this?" to clothes and things like that. I caved when it came to CDs though, and got some new music. Oh, and I got Korean food too.

The most surprising thing though was while in the past, I usually wanted the things they offered, my mindset has shifted while I've been doing AmeriCorps, and all the nice clothes and things they offered, I saw as extravagent. I have plenty of clothes, so the new clothes, while they look nice, were just over the top. Same thing when we went out to dinner - while the food was excellent, I was thinking it was too much, almost decadent.

Interestingly enough though, when I looked at the check, and saw that it had cost us around 35-40 bucks a head for dinner, I thought "that's not a bad price for what we had . . . "
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sometimes my brother is right . . .

HairyLunch2 (12:49:39 PM): man, living in springfield was a mistake
HairyLunch2 (12:49:51 PM): can't go to any of the MBA fairs cause they're far away
HairyLunch2 (12:50:00 PM): and none of the mba schools visit Springfield
HairyLunch2 (12:50:02 PM): bastards
HairyLunch2 (12:50:26 PM): there are talented people in the middle of nowhere, not just in large metropolitan areas :P
Chichiri TC (12:51:42 PM): hah, keep telling yourself that