September 10th, 2003

buzzed, B&W

Scary night

So, I went to the Fox and the Hound as per my typical Tuesday night. ($2 beers are hard to pass up on when it includes everything at the bar: Guiness, Fat Tire, Bass, Sam Adams, etc etc) Anyway we left the bar, and I'm about a mile away when I get pulled over. So what's he pull me over for? Not signaling my turn (which I'm almost positive I did.) Anyway, he has me do the flash light test where I follow his finger around while he shines a flash light into my eyes. Apparently my eyes were jumpy so he has me get out and do the field sobriety test. I have to stand heel to toe, walk forward nine steps heel to toe, turn around, and walk back nine steps heel to toe. I walk my nine steps forward, and then ask "Which way am I supposed to turn?" and he responds "Which way did I demonstrate? Which way do you think would be easier?" After that I need to stand on one foot, my other foot extended in front of me, six inches off the ground, for 30 seconds while counting one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc. And then I have to recite (without singing) my ABC's. So he first asks me do you know your alphabet from A to Z at which point I started reciting my alphabet, and he responds "Just answer the question" and after I answer in the affirmative, he has me recite it.

So, apparently I rocked backwards on my second step and I wobbled when I said eight one-thousand, so he gets out the breathalizer. He stares at the screen for what seemed liked 20 seconds before turning to me and showing me that I blew a 0.070. Apparently Missouri's legal limit is a 0.080. He then asks when my last beer was, which I tell him I just finished it (ignoring the fact that I nursed it for the last hour). He points out to me that with the way peoples' metabolism tends to work, my blood alcohol level is rising so since I still had 10 miles to go to get home, he reccomended I crash at a friends. He also asks if my friend is any better to drive and if I should have him take the breathalizer - now answer me this, why would I, after just having passed a breathalizer, have my friend take a breathalizer which may incriminate him for something?

So I drop my frend off, and stop up in his apartment, all paranoid, and chug some water before heading home 30 mintues after I get there. (I was mainly paranoid that they might have announced to look out for a black Civic with Ohio plates - stupid plates make my card stick out rather noticeably here.)

Blah - so I'm upset that they pulled me over for a failure to signal, when I'm almost positive I did signal. During the whole process I was freaking out, but looking back on it, I've definitely had my stomach get tighter before. I think I was afraid of a DUI/DWI but I also knew that I wasn't intoxicated. Anyway, quite the experience and it made me drive home under the speed limit.