August 23rd, 2003

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Bike rides lead to weird thoughts

So, I rode my bike for about 2 hours today, and during my ride, I reached an odd decision. I have no idea how I reached this decision. Probably a bit of Seinfeld, specifically The Contest, where the wonderful catch phrase "master of your domain" came to be. Anyway, my idea is to do my own 40 Days and 40 Nights. Now, since I'm a virgin, the lack of sex isn't a problem - the challenge will be in the masturbation part. I do wonder if this will lead to more focus and drive as illustrated in the movie. Oh, now that I think about it, the impetus for this is probably my friend Dave Honig (quoted in this article and writing in here) and I had this conversation:

</span>Brct03 (1:01:17 PM): what is the matter with you slacker
HairyLunch2 (1:01:31 PM): our network was down for the last 90 minutes or so, and I finally ran out of stuff I could do w/o email/internet
HairyLunch2 (1:01:37 PM): so i left
Brct03 (1:01:46 PM): whatever slacker
HairyLunch2 (1:01:53 PM): okay, i ran out of porn
HairyLunch2 (1:01:55 PM): but whatever
Brct03 (1:02:16 PM): just go to kazaa, they can resupply you
HairyLunch2 (1:02:30 PM): hmm
HairyLunch2 (1:02:32 PM): i'll live w/o
Brct03 (1:02:51 PM): sure you could but why would you want to
HairyLunch2 (1:03:09 PM): because i don't do much porn to start with?
Brct03 (1:03:46 PM): but you don't have a woman
HairyLunch2 (1:04:05 PM): so?
Brct03 (1:04:28 PM): so what do you do, you know to relieve the tension
HairyLunch2 (1:04:37 PM): lol
HairyLunch2 (1:04:43 PM): recycle porn?
HairyLunch2 (1:05:00 PM): I don't know
HairyLunch2 (1:05:04 PM): it's not that big of a deal

Anyway, we'll see how this goes; hopefully I'll have some self control and can make it 40 days - which means I'll have to make it to October 2nd. Wow, that seems far away . . .
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Now that I consider my decision, what the hell am I going to do if I get a date? Oh wait, no concern there . . . I don't get dates . . . :P
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Good stuff

So, while people love to cite the McDonald's "coffee case" as examples of abuses of our legal system, one should read the above before using that as an example . . . this is why whenever people mention this, I try to point out that it was more McDonald's spin that made the woman appear to be stupid . . .