August 16th, 2003

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More thoughts about Party in the Pit

So, browsing the US Census website, it appears that Springfield, MO has about 34% of it's 318,000 is less than 25 years of age. Looking at Dayton, OH (this data is 2000, not 2001 like the Springfield data), again it's 34% under 25, but from a much larger population of 922,000. This site shows the population of the greater Cincinatti area to have been 1,669,136 in 2002. For arguments sake, let's assume that Cincinnati has around a 1/3 in the under 25 demographic as well. That means that Springfield has about 1/3 the "youth" population of Dayton, and about 1/5 the population of Cinci. So the question then becomes, why wasn't there 1/3 the number of people at the concert the other day? So maybe I'm comparing apples and oranges, with the big day concerts in those cities being things like X-fest (which I'm disappointed I'm missing this year as Eve 6 is playing) or the Warped Tour, which have much bigger name bands and much steeper ticket prices, but still, 200 people at a 5$ concert that includes 5 bands and a DJ seems crappy.

I harassed this woman at the gate on the way in when she said "you can't bring anything in" (explaining that I had to throw my water bottle away), to which I responded "can I bring my shirt in?" On the way out, she asked me if I had a good time, and I responded that it was so-so. I also said I was used to thing like Cinci and Chicago, so this was kind of sad. She responded "well, we tried." I've got to say they didn't try. If they want to have a big event, put the money into it. Perhaps your first year will be a loss, but if you establish it as an event, people will come the next year. If you wallow in mediocrity, you won't pass the threshold to having a good event.

I also have to comment on the security. I understand that liability is a huge issue, but having a policy that states "No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, guns, knives or cameras." seems a bit silly to me. Do they think by stating that you're not allowed to bring weapons in that that will keep people from bringing them in if they want? Do they think that Springfield is an area where they have to state such a policy, rather than people accepting it as common knowledge at large events? And was the cursory wanding of me necessary? The thing was triggered by what I assume was my zipper when he waved it over my crotch, at which point the guy waved me in, w/o asking me to lift my shirt, or checking that it was some other metal. Paying lip service to security is dumb.
buzzed, B&W


it's interesting how accurate metadata can be sometimes - I was browsing Pollstar and the random image on the front page was the Suicide Machines, so I searched for their tour schedule. I got a nice page that said they weren't on tour but I might want to check out LTJ, Goldfinger, MxPx, Rancid, or Reel Big Fish. I would consider myself a fan of LTJ, Goldfinger, and RBF, an appreciator of MxPx, and I haven't listened to enough Rancid to really know. Still, I thought it was kind of cool that the metadata that's been collected fits me reasonably well. (My brother might suggest that just means I'm a tool.) Speaking of my brother, I wonder if he'd be interested in going to the 10/4 Dashboard/MxPx show in Chicago . . .