August 2nd, 2003

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got to love that insomnia that makes me run to Walmart and buy 5 lbs of ground beef and other assorted stuff to make chili . . . *goes to cook*
buzzed, B&W

Bend it and the Mud Lounge

Wow, just saw Bend it Like Beckham and what a great movie. I think it does a wonderful job of portraying generational differences, and how sometimes parents or older generations, don't understand youth and what they want to do. The latter half of the movie hit home to me as they kept stressing how it's not about living for your parents, but living for yourself. Back in high school, I kept trying to live up to what I thought were my parents' expectations, trying to get good grades, be involved in school, and get into a good college. In reality, it would have been better if I had done what I wanted to do, or at least realized that what I was doing was for myself, not just to please my parents. I probably didn't figure this out till I was 16 or 17, which is when I started coming out of my shell.

I also stopped by the Mud Lounge here in town. Those who read this might have noticed I've mentioned the Mud House, the coffee shop that I frequent, in the past. The Mud Lounge is owned by the same guys who started the Mud House, and is an interesting blend of a coffee house atmosphere with a bar and adult beverages. The fusion of the two works rather well. The crowd there is a bit older, and I think that is the crowd the guys wanted to target. The beer choices are mainly microbrews and imports, with many beers in the $6 and over range, and they have things like cheese and cracker plates, fondue, a variety of scotches, and a good wine selection, so it's obvious they're going for a slightly more mature crowd. A crowd that's moved beyond the Bud Light bar scene. They have a great decor, with lots of cool furniture, good mood lighting, and they had live music tonight. Seems like it'd be a good place to take a date to chat.