July 24th, 2003

buzzed, B&W

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Overheard at work today: "I'm ready to quit working here. IT's getting so bad that people are avoiding me when I walk down the hallway." Doh, you think there might be a reason for this? Perhaps it's your abrasive personality or the high horse you ride upon? Yes, we realize you work with minorities and underserved populations who have high needs, but that doesn't mean that your work is any more important than the work the rest of us do . . .

On another note, I'm watching Road Trip right now, and realizing that unless a movie is really great, no matter how entertaining it may be, it's not necessarily memorable. I know I've seen this movie before, but I don't remember the plot. All I remember is the scene from the commercial where Tom Green puts the rat in his mouth.

So the question then becomes how many movies are truly memorable?