July 23rd, 2003

buzzed, B&W

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I don't understand vices. I'm driving around at about 5:15 today, running an errand for work, on one of the major north-south arteries in town, and I'm stopped at the light, and as per my habbit, I look around at the drivers around me. There's this girl in a green Mustang to my left, and she's holding the cigarette lighter up to her mouth, lighting what I thought was a cigarette. She held it there for quite a while, so I looked a bit closer, and I realize she was lighting up a blunt. So why do people feel the need to cave to their vices (this one illegal) at what seems to me to be inappropriate times? (I personally believe that recreational marijuana use is okay, and that it doesn't impair your your motor skills anymore than a drink - of course I don't see why open container is illegal for alcohol).

So in reality, I parallel her activity to being the same as someone sipping a beer while driving. I personally won't do this because the penalty for open container, and the social stigma attached to it is so high, and I believe most others would act the same. I do wonder though why marijuana has such a much more accepted usage - so high that a girl feel comfortable lighting a joint while driving in broad daylight?