July 22nd, 2003

buzzed, B&W


So, this wedding I went to this past weekend was the first real wedding of a friend of mine. I've only been to one other wedding now that I think about it, and that was my older cousin's. The wedding was a good time, and I've come to realize why people generally like weddings. Weddings are just huge social events, a celebration of happiness. Open bars don't hurt either.

This point was driven home by the younger brother of the bride, who when originally asked to be a bridesmen had declined since he knew he have to be faking a smile for the whole thing. (Social events are not his forte, and he doesn't really like people.) In the end he caved, and I talked wiht him during the reception, and he mentioned that he was having a better time than he expected. He also realized that the happiness of his sister was more important than his personal comfort. He also got into the spirit of things, and started enjoying himself.

I find this guy pretty interesting since he's a bit of a loner, but for some reason we have good conversations. Whenever we see each other, it seems we wander off or find a corner to ourselves and babble. The guys interests overlap with some of my own, or things I have decent knowledge of, that aren't exactly mainstream (i.e. Magic or DDR). It's interesting because I've seen him grow significantly, from being very anti-social and awkward to become a mature, young man. He still lives a bit in his siblings' shadows, but he also seems to be the most realistic of them all. Of course, maybe he hasn't grown in front of me, maybe I've just gotten to know him better . . .