July 12th, 2003

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So, to clarify the last post - it's a bridesmen (the bride is a good friend, and she doesn't have tons of female friends, so the attendants are mixed gender). Secondly, the cost of the tux is only the main obstacle. I only make 740 a month, before taxes, since I'm a Volunteer in Service to America. Second, the wedding is in the Chicago area - a ten hour drive away, and I'll be in Rolla for 4-H aerospace camp before I drive on up to Chicago, so the logistics of getting a tux would be difficult.

I really do feel bad about the whole thing though. The bride didn't ask me till last Wednesday (the wedding is Friday the 18th) as my RSVP was late (I was trying to figure out the details of getting there and if I could get off work and the like). I wonder if she had asked me earlier, if I'd have committed? Probably yes, since I wouldn't have looked at the calendar, and realized that my work schedule would make things difficult.

Anyway, I'm off to make some lunch and then go swim . . .