June 21st, 2003

buzzed, B&W

Harry Potter

Wow . . . just spent 90 minutes at Barnes and Nobles to get my copy of Harry Potter. I debated buying it as I'm poor, but I caved. I drove out there at about 11:50, and saw the utter chaos that was caused. B&N had done some arts and crafts stuff earlier, where kids got to make golden snitches with styrofoam balls and feathers, they had face painting, scars on foreheads, etc, so the crowd appeared to have been there a while. The TV crews were there too. Anyway, I got my book at about 1:30 AM. Silly thing is I probably won't get to read it till next weekend, as I'll be at 4-H camp this next week, and I still have to finish my current book before I leave Sunday.
buzzed, B&W

I'm an idiot

so while I go through and reinstall Gentoo, I think I figured out where I screwed up. I think my fstab was incorrect . . . *sighs* silly me though has gone through a complete format and reinstall, and probably lost my win98 drive in this whole process . . .