April 2nd, 2003

buzzed, B&W

Lack of Funds

I keep checking my checking account balance, hoping that I've been spending less money, but finding out that I'm still in the hole. I'm about 300 in the hole since I've started this AmeriCorps thing. Granted, I've paid my rent for all of April but still. I need to buy a plan ticket to Knoxville, which will be expensive, and I'm also going to have high expenditures when I'm in Boston this weekend and Knoxville in May. (I'm not sure if they'll be high compared to my old standards, but compared to my $15-20 weekends, they'll be high.) There's part of me that keeps waffling back and forth on whether I'll have the money my parents gave me since they were concerned about whether I'd be able to live off the AmeriCorps stipend or not. Originally, I thought, piece of cake, I'll live off the stipend, but now it seems I'm going to be in the hole at the end. All the little things add up . . . my rice cooker died yesterday, I bought a box fan today (which really should save me money in the long run since I probably won't run my AC too much this summer, unless I find that it's too hot for my computer).

I know when I was living in Ashtabula, I kept a spreadsheet of every cent I spent, which made me much more aware of my cash status. I'm half tempted to start doing that again since it'll help me be frugal, but it was a lot of work as well. And we all know how much of a lazy bum I am . . .

Anyway, tomorrow morning it's off to Boston for a quality weekend with my brother . . . should be fun :)