March 12th, 2003

buzzed, B&W


So my brother is a geek. As proof of what a big geek he is, he's advancing to the semi-finals of TopCoder's Collegiate Championship. In addition to the prize money he's won thus far for advancing to the semi-finals (on the order of around 1700 American dollars) he also has a chance at the $50,000 purse at the semi-finals to be held April 4th and 5th in Boston at MIT. So being a geek pays off some times. He instant messaged me earlier about this, and I could tell he was pretty excited, even through IM. (And he has some right to be as he pulled off quite an upset to advance to the semis.) It was pretty coold to see him so psyched about something, since he's usually pretty calm and reserved. I'm pretty proud of him . . . though on the other hand, one wonders why I'm not in the top 16 in the nation for anything I'm doing . . . hmm . . . silly brother . . . showing me up . . . maybe I'm not so proud of him . . . :P