February 15th, 2003

buzzed, B&W


So i'm at the Mudhouse, a nice little coffee shop here in Springfield. They've got a Celtic band in which is the reason I came originally. A guy I work with plays fiddle (not violin) for them. I emhasize the fiddle part, since it seems silly to call an instrument a different name just because you play it a different style.

Anyway . . . I'm going to surf the web a bit (look up some Springfield biking information, and probably some tax stuff . . .)
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buzzed, B&W

Waffle House

So I went to Waffle House last night and they had a $5.99 all you can eat special that include most of the stuff on their menu. My friend Dan would have approved since I started off with 2 cheeseburgers and hashbrowns, moved on to another cheeseburger and a double order of hash browns, and finished off with an order of sausages and a waffle. Quite the bargain.