February 1st, 2003

buzzed, B&W

Impressions of Springfield

Okay, so I went and got a library card today. Not a big deal right? Well, the thing that blew my mind was that in the adult section, it looked like it was one-third fiction, another third non-fiction, and the last third was Christian fiction. And more evidence that I was in the Bible belt? How about the number of religous colleges?
That's half the colleges in town. So six colleges seems like a lot for a town of 150,000 or so. Note that I'm not against religous schools or Christian books, it's just a bit overwhelming. I'm just afraid I might offend someone with my atheism, pragmatism, and cynicism.

On a different note, I found the local soccer fields for the city, and they run leagues, so I have my name in as a free agent for the outdoor league which starts at the end of March. Indoor started 3 weeks ago. The facilities were pretty impressive as it looks like there are 10 baseball diamonds, and maybe 15 soccer fields of various sizes. Hopefully a team will need a player and give me a call.

I still haven't gotten groceries, but I'm flying out for NM tomorrow for my AmeriCorps Pre-Service Orientation, so not a big deal.