December 25th, 2002

buzzed, B&W

X-mas Thoughts

So I read an interesting editorial in the Dayton Daily News about how no one seems to say "Merry Christmas" anymore. I found a copy online of the editorial at the News Sun Online. She writes about how people say "happy holidays" instead of anything Christmas related, trying to be politically correct. I agree with most of what she writes, mainly since I don't think one is being insensitive by saying "Merry Christmas." To me, it's an expression of goodwill, not a religous message. Christmas has become so commercial in general, I attatch almost no religous meaning to it at all. My being an atheist also helps with this.

Anyway, enough for that rant. Today is X-mas day and we opened presents in the morning and had breakfast as our family usually does. I got some socks, a belt, some gloves, some slippers, some undershirts, and other such niceties. I went outside to play with my step-brother in the snow, and was somewhat disappointed. I wanted to roll a big ball of snow, just to see how big a ball I could make, but the snow just wasn't sticking. I spent over an hour out there, and I made maybe an 18" snowball.

Anyway, merry Christmas to all . . . I'm off to play on my brother's X-Box . . .