October 19th, 2002

buzzed, B&W

Update in general

So I've been slacking on the LJ . . . sorry to my non-existant readers ;)

Anyway, the interviews went well. Kaplan is supposed to call about my starting training once they audition a few others, and the coatings company should call within the next week. I'm kind of in a state of limbo as I wait to see how those things turn out.

As for what I've been doing with myself, I spent a lot of time last week on PuzzleHack. Kind of interesting, but I suck, and wasn't able to solve anything. They usually had a hint or two a day, and I'd usually get to what the hint was suggesting before they released the hint, but I couldn't solve any of them. Oh well.

I went down to Cinci Thursday night for the pub crawl. Great time as usual. I'll probably go again this coming weekend since it's Christen's birthday (who wants to say she's turning 21 when in reality she's going to be the big 22), homecoming, and Halloween parties . . . I need a costume . . . .