October 5th, 2002

buzzed, B&W


So Thursday night, I went and saw Reel Big Fish. Awesome show. RBF played a two hour set, and I was singing along the whole time. They didn't do an encore, but after a two hour set, I can't blame them, and they played all their big songs anyway.

I remember standing on the edge of the crowd during the Kicks and the Starting Lines sets, and thinking in my prime, I would have been getting into those bands too, getting in the pit or just getting up front and dancing. Instead, I was a wallflower. And then I was thinking I was sort of like Holden Caulfield at the merry-go-round with Pheobe. The whole watching but not able to participate as one needs to grow up. Then I realized this was my just being dumb, as the main reason I wasn't there was that I was saving myself for RBF (and it's a good thing I did, because I still had to leave up front twice and go to the bathroom to get some water and rehydrate). Still, I did think it was a neat idea, that reeks of pseudo-intellectualism. Sort of similar to the "am I getting too old for this" thread that's been tossed around.