September 8th, 2002

buzzed, B&W

Asking girls out

Man, I suck at asking girls out. So there's this girl I know, and I met her sister recently, and thought she was pretty cool. The first girl, the one I knew, is someone who I hang out with probably on a weekly basis, but it's more because we have mutual friends, not that we're making an effort to hang out with each other. Anyway, her sister had been down to the Christy's before, and then she went to King's Island with us. I think that's that day at King's Island is what made me even consider asking the girl out. There were four of us who went: the girl, her sister, and the girl's roommate (who I do consider a friend).

So, then she was down again during Labor Day weekend for the afore mentioned tiring weekend. Now this is the part that messed with my head. She had a friend down, and her friend was hitting on one of my friends, and coming up blank. The guy was just totally clueles and wasn't reading the hints, or was just ignoring them. (Having seen the girl, and as cool as she was, I might have just ignored them too.) These weren't ones you could miss, as she was putting her hand on his leg and things like that. Now we were talking about signs, and then she's like "so do you have a thing for my friend?" And at that point, I thought I did, but I'm not the kind of guy who'll admit that, so instead I'm like "maybe, but I'm not getting any positive vibes back from her . . . not like your signs to my buddy." And she's like, "Oh they're there, just not as obvious." Now, I don't think I'm totally clueless, so I'm thinking she said that just to get something going that night.

Anyway, I ended up calling the girl Friday, and asking what she was doing Saturday, and then just asking if she wanted to do something sometime as she already had plans for Saturday. I'm supposed to call her today and make some more definite plans as she did say yes. But damn, was I wuss on the phone. I spent about ten minutes teasing her about stuff I'd heard about her from my step-brother, and then finally, when she's saying she needs to go, I ask . . . what a dork I can be :P