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Silly Helena
buzzed, B&W
So, I went out last night . . . no big surprise there . . . the interesting part was when I went back to Miller's, almost no one was there. Ashley knew this guy at the bar (Brad) and introduced me, and then I met Brad's friend, who's name I don't remember. Let's call him Bob since that's a nice short name.

Anyway, Bob and I started chatting, and he tells me he's a flight attendant. It becomes pretty apparent that the guy is gay, and isn't really trying to hide it. He talks about being based out of Detroit for the airline, but living in Helena since his family is here and he can afford a house here. He talks about maybe having a partner, and how that would be easier in Helena than in Detroit (don't ask me how). Anyway, I sit next to the guy at the bar, and drink one beer before getting out of there.

I get a message on mySpace today from Ashley ending with he "really liked you. . . really a lot liked you. Hope you're not leading on any middle aged men. . . :} " Now I kind of knew that he was digging me, as he was doing the whole pet your arm thing, and asking when I'd be there on Saturday (for the band), if he should save a table, etc etc. I'm surprised he didn't pick up on the fact that I'm straight. I'm reminded of when I was in Philly over break and met Kelly's friend Rory, and she laughed because when I met him I went to shake his hand and said something like "what's up man?" and she thought it was "too straight" or something.

Speaking of Kelly, Josh just recently got on mySpace. I guess while browsing around he found someone, who happened to have Kelly and his cousin Kimmy on their top 8, along with Kelly. And who was this person? Why no less than Whitney (who I hung out with when she visited Helena, and saw while I was visiting Kelly in Philly). Small world . . .

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Hmm, I bet the "About me" quote on kelly's myspace is from "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf". I brought that book out with me to SF.

To the above comment, it is true, it's from the book.

And did I say something about your 'what's up man' being too straight? I don't remember that but I do remember laughing at you cos you thought my friend Kyle was trying to get you to go to the bathroom with him. Maybe you're not asexual Ernie...

our local gay flight attendent is named Casey...that's who you were chatting with. He's right there along with "Book Guy" and "Spinning Lady" in terms of local color:)

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