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Are human's innately evil?
buzzed, B&W
I have a neighbor who's a Christian, specifically of the Assemblies of God denomination. They happened to be headquartered here in Springfield. In fact, they're just six blocks north of where I work, right up the street. They also have a college here in Springfield, Central Bible College, whose campus happens to be about a block west of where I live. Anyway, my neighbor attended CBC and is an AG preacher. I ran into him today while I was rollerblading back from the Boys and Girls club to my office, and asked him what he was up to. He had apparently stopped by the library to use the Internet. We chatted a bit and he said he liked the library since it was a public place so when he was online he wouldn't go to the sites he shouldn't go to. He also said that when he was in college, that if a student was using the Internet in their room, they had to keep the door open.

Now, while I have no problems with my neighbor believing that he can't trust himself, so he subjects himself to monitoring by others, but a whole college? That seems a bit extreme to me. If you think about it the rule is the same as the ones they have at camps where you have to keep the door open if you have a member of the opposite sex in your room. In either example, the implication is that you're not trusted, but instead have to be closely watched. At a young age this may be true, but I wonder if my neighbor expects others to look out for him constantly. I understand him wanting to avoid what I assume he considers a sin, but in my mind, you'd want to be pragmatic about your life. Having to go to the library everytime to use the Internet seems a bit much, and reeks of the over-protective churches of the past . . .

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i was forced to go to an assembly of god church when i was growing up. i had to be in church on wednesday nights, sunday mornings and sunday nights. it sucked. they were like trying to beat the word into my head. i got to know a lot of assembly of god people, and some of them arent bad, but i found out that a lot of them put on a show, especially in church. they would speak in tongues and totally freak me out. i dont want to knock their religion but something i definitely am not into.

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