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Speed Dating
buzzed, B&W
I really like the concept of speed dating. The New York Times has a multimedia piece on it, as well as an associated blurb. Nothing of real substance in either, just a peek into one bit of modern culture . . .

I think meeting people is always a challenge, and while I'm not particularly interested in finding a significant other, I just like the idea of meeting people. One might argue that the high pressure to make a good impression in the few minutes you have is artificial, but is the real world any different? I know I meet a significant number of people at the bar, and I rarely talk to them for past five minutes. Maybe it's because I'm aloof, distant, out with a group of friends, etc etc, but people have to really wow me for me to converse with them for more than a few minutes.

The social butterfly in me probably has something to do with this. I think I have social ADD, where I grow bored, and tend to wander off. I'm horrible at bars, usually hopping back and forth between groups of friends and multiple conversations . . .

Oh, Least I Could Do had a good little run on speed dating recently as well . . .

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