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Matchmaking is more profitable than porn . . .
buzzed, B&W
I've fluctuated back and forth on my Friday updates and their format - sometimes I'll do one big update, behind a cut, and other times I'll do lots of short ones. I think from now on out I'm going to do lots of short ones. They're easier to read, easier to link to, etc etc

Anyway, first up for today - The NY Times had this article talking about how big a business online matchmaking is. What's amazing to me is the quote: "No other industry makes as much money online from monthly fees, not even pornography, according to Jupiter Research."

On a related note, the Financial Times has an interesting look at the impact of online porn. From that article, there's the estimate that the online porn business is worth $2.5 billion a year. Compared to the $500 million a year that's cited in the NY Time's article for online personals, one has to wonder about the discrepancy. Granted, the quote from the Time's article was referring to monthly fees, but where's the other $2 billion coming from for the online porn industry?

The article on Financial Times is long, but it raises lots of good questions. Does the easy access to porn change things? What does it say that 70% of men 18-34 visit porn sites monthly? I wonder what the stats are for women - the article seems to imply that only men are looking at online porn in large numbers . . .