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buzzed, B&W
I got back from my Early Service Traininig for my AmeriCorps*VISTA position yesterday night, around 11 PM. The training itself wasn't so great, as it was all pretty basic stuff. One session I didn't attend was how to run a meeting, where they mentioned that it's good to have an agenda and to take minutes. Unfortunately, I got sick at around 5 AM Friday, and was in front of the toilet on and off till 8 AM. I'm not sure what got to me (and no, it wasn't alcohol for those of you who think I'm a lush, I had two beers the night before), but it started making the rounds Friday and Saturday to others as well. I'm thinking food poisoning of sorts, though others were thinking alcohol sickness. It was pretty bad, as I could even keep water down.

The main positive thing for me about EST was just getting to see all these people from PSO, or our pre-service orientation, three months ago. The numbers were down a bit, which I sort of expected. We had ~60 people there, that formed two small groups for our sessions. I would guess that we had closer to 80 last time, since we had three groups. But even with the reduced numbers, it was great to see a lot of the people, and we had some great conversations, and just quality time hanging out together. We probably spent way too much time in the hotel lounge/bar but company can make up for many, many things.


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