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I love food
buzzed, B&W
Almost two years ago I made a post over on Roadfood.com about one of my favorite restaurants, Skyline Chili. I got an e-mail today, saying that there had been a response:
Hey Hairylunch,

I wish you'd post some more rather than just this one time. I loved your piece about the Skyline location near UC. I've not been to that one that I know of, but I felt like I had after reading your piece. Man, very descriptive and you made the place come alive. Please contribute some more articles.
Anyway, motivated me enough to make another post, this time about some of my favorite places to eat in Helena . . .

Sorry that the links only go to the forums, and not directly to my posts . . . doesn't seem like there's any direct linking ability . . .
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I think you've found your calling.

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