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buzzed, B&W
It's amazing how difficult it can be to relearn/retrain yourself to do things differently. On my first laptop, I didn't set up any of the "extra" features of the touchpad. I disabled tap-to-click, scrolling, tap-zones, etc, using the touchpad like I would a mouse. On this new laptop, I've gotten use to using tap-to-click and scrolling, and just now enabled some tap zones - now if I tap the upper left hand corner of the touchpad, I should get a double click, while the upper right should give me a right click . . . we'll see if I use this or not . . .

On the other hand, I took right away to using a wheeled mouse and couldn't go back, and I dislike mouse drivers that don't let me set the middle/wheel click to double click. As Jung pointed out to me almost 10 years ago, that means you're doing half the work . . .
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