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Let the deluge begin

So, it's Friday afternoon and I'm at Firetower . . . surprise!

Anyway, I didn't realize how much I liked my headphones till they broke on me. Unfortunately, it seems that they're no longer made as both Best Buy and Amazon are sold out of them.

I was looking for other headphones that I might like, but I can't find anything. I'm using earbuds that came with my mp3 player right now, but I miss the behind the head design of the ones I had - kept them out of the way, and it was very secure. When I browsed online, all the behind the head ones available seem to be much bigger and clunkier - I really liked the fact that they were basically just earbuds with a behind the head connection.

Whoa - a search online shows that the Missoula Best Buy has them in stock . . . a shame that I'm not in driving condition. (Yes, I like the headphones enough that I would drive 4 hours round trip to get another pair . . . )

I'll probably just stick with my earbuds for now . . .
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