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Opening doors
buzzed, B&W
It's surprising how the act of opening doors is starting to bug me. I want to open my own doors (because it's really not that difficult, even on crutches). I realize people do it because they think it makes things easier, and I usually smile and thank them - but on one level it makes me feel very dependent upon them. It's weird.

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You are the most individualistic person I've ever known. You complain about people helping you out ;).

It's true that you like helping others, right? Just looking at your past few jobs, it's an obvious observation... So what's wrong with receiving a little help back? I don't think anyone has offered to clean your apartment yet, have they? That, in my opinion, would be going too far :).

Oh, that offer has been made, as well as doing my laundry . . . neither of which I'm going to take . . .

I've seen your apartment, maybe you should take them up on that offer ;).

I sort of know how you feel, I don't like getting compliments.

But if you don't like people helping you out, move to one of the coasts :).

Oh boo hoo Ernie, I hope that you are able to live through the traumatic experience of having others show you kindness! This is a standard, kind hearted, work it out moment! ;) This is Shannon by the way, in case it's not completley obvious.

I'm on crutches now. In a way it is embarrassing for me when people do help. I guess I'm independent. I understand what you are saying.

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