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X-Men 2

So I went and saw the second X-men movie today. Pretty cool previews for Hulk, Matrix Reloaded, and the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which have all been on my to see list for a while. The Hulk preview was new for me, and I got to say, the CG looks pretty damn good. They make him out to be superfast, as well as superstrong, which I didn't expect, but it seems to work. The Matrix preview was one I hadn't seen, and it looked solid. Anyway,

In general, the movie was pretty damn cool. I think Brian Singer has been faithful to the characters, if not necessarily their histories. My "fan-boy" nitpicks would be:

  1. Wolverine - They seem to be using Alkali Lake to explain his Weapon X history, though I was always under the impression that Weapon X was a Canadian thing, not American

  2. Yuriko - Now, I'm not super familiar with Yuriko, as her character is from before I was really reading the X-books, but I don't appreciate them killing her off either . . . As I understand it, shes' supposed to be Logan's rival, not just some accesory character

  3. Xavier stopping time - This was a bit ridiculous, as there were two scenes where they had Xavier bascially stop time for everyone except the X-men

  4. Bobby and Rogue - I understand the need for romance, but Bobby and Rogue? Bring in Gambit and make the fans happy

  5. Rogue - This goes back more to the first movie, but what's with her becoming buddies with Wolverine and filling what is Jubilee's role in the comic books?

  6. Jean Grey - killing her off and all the hinting at her Phoenix background (fire in the eyes) doesn't really work for me, since I'm not a fan of the Phoenix saga, and now it seems if there is an X3, they're going to have to weave that in somehow . . .

Overall, none of those are deal breakers, and I recognize that most of the changes were so that the film could fit in a movie time frame. And there were a lot of positive aspects that were pretty damn cool:

  1. Cameos and references - I'm sure I missed some, but Singer at least made an effort to make the fans happy, having Remy LeBeau's name show up and having minor roles given to a pre-Beast Hank McCoy, Jubilee, Colosus, and Kitty Pryde

  2. Pyro - nice to see him, and ending with him siding with Magneto. I did wonder in the first one why he wasn't part of the Brotherhood. (Though I believe he was a later addition to the Brotherhood)

I wish I knew the theme of The Once and Future King since they have Magneto reading it and Xavier refers to it at the end. My only other real complaint would be how the movie is America-centric. There's a line near the end where they seem to say the President defines world policy (which is true to some degree) and, as stated earlier, Wolverine being an American project rather than Canadian.

I also think Singer did a good job of bring characters in, without diluting the standards too much. Nightcrawler was excellent (though I wish they had made at least one sulfer/brimstone reference), and Pyro was done well too. Colosus served a minor role and he didn't seem to have a Russian accent. :(

Anyway, good movie overall, and worth the $4.50 I paid.


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