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buzzed, B&W
So, I was in DC this week for a conference, and being on crutches in a city isn't fun. I usually have no issues with walking places, and walk most places in town. When I'm in a city, I'll think nothing of walking 10 blocks, but on crutches, even two blocks to get to the nearest Metro station was painful. Let me say, crutches + shin splits = pain.

The first day, I went up to Capitol Hill and hobbled around on crutches. This wore me out, and I ended up requesting a wheelchair at the National Museum of the American Indian (which was pretty impressive - I wish I had had more time to explore). Wednesday, I was just exhausted, and while I did hobble from the hotel to the convention center (all of a block and a half), I did use a wheelchair there. On the other hand, idiot that I am decided I'd go to the mall with Greg and his crew from Sidney, so I hobbled around to catch the Metro, and then the mall, and back. Thursday I used a wheelchair at the convention center again, as well as requesting it at the airport.

I probably should have caved earlier, but I value my independence too much. The first sign should have been the calluses forming on the palms of my hand as well as on the sides of my torso where the crutches rub. The next one should have been the pain in the palms of my hands. The numbness and stinging sensations in the palms in the middle of the night could have tipped me off as well.

I've been wearing my lifting gloves, after I briefly considered buying a pair of cycling gloves (as they tend to be padded in the palms). I figured my hands would toughen up, so the padding wouldn't matter . . . perhaps I was wrong, but at this point I'm going to tough it out. Hopefully I'm not being an idiot who's pushing it too much . . .

The wool sock I'm putting over my toes isn't helping much in this weather we're having here in Helena - negative 22 Fahrenheit last night. Crazy.

I also left my shower bag in the hotel . . . doh. I'm going to have to get someone to run me to the store to get some rubber bands I think or go back and buy another bag. (I'm a little surprised at how many options there are . . . )