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Radical Change is Good
buzzed, B&W
This is amazing - Harvard is offering full aid for students who's families make less than $40,000, reducting expected contributions for families making less than $60,000, and making an effort to target those who have made "remarkable accomplishments despite limited resources at home or in their local schools and communities."

Impressive stuff, even if the average amount for these families was $2,300, before, that's still almost 6% of a families income, pre-taxes.

Surprisingly, the average debt for the Class of 2003 was only $8,800. Crazy that they give that much aid out (and that their students, or their families, are rich enough to pay tuition).

Amazing figure from their article? They've increased their financial aid by 49% over the past six years, to almost $80 million.

Their recruitment for "financially disadvantaged" students is impressive as well, with waived application fees, paying for a visit, and having funds for books, winter clothing, and other expenses.