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I walk this empty street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
buzzed, B&W
As I just emailed most of the Helena crowd, it's official. I broke my leg. Spiral fracture in the fibula, with a few bone chips floating around. I have to go see the orthopedic people to figure out if I'll need surgery or not.

Yea. No more snowboarding. No soccer. No running. *sighs*

Anyway, the doctor at the clinic was actually pretty nice. He went to Xavier, and grew up in the Covington area, so we chatted a bit about Skyline. After it came up that my father was a doctor, we had some good conversation about health care in the US, insurance, etc.

And perhaps most importantly, Christine was my hero this morning, driving me to Urgent Care, then to get some crutches, and to work. Yea!