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Are you kidding me?
buzzed, B&W
So today after work, it was beautiful, so I give Christine a call to see if she wants to hike Mt. Helena. Turns out, that she's headed up that way to meet Rebecca and Ana as they all had the same idea. The three of them had gone and got some Yaktrax, and were excited to try them out. I was thinking it was pretty warm, and it's been pretty warm, so there wouldn't be much ice (not to mention that I tend to do okay w/o them).

Anyway, long story short, I fell coming down, and I twisted my ankle. *sighs*

I've got a bag of ice on it now . . . my first thought as I felt it go was "man, I hope I'll still be able to play soccer" followed quickly by "eek, this might mean no more snowboarding for me . . . "

I can't remember ever twisting my ankle, so this is all new to me. On the plus side, it's nice to know that I have some pretty solid friends - both Christine and Rebecca have called, checking to make sure I'm okay, and if I needed anything . . .

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Hey Ernie, are you dating either of them?

Dude, you should let me borrow your bindings for the rest of the season.

My bindings are probably too big for your boots since they're Burton mediums, which I think are for boots from about size 8 to 10.5-ish. Just bite the bullet and buy some C60's :P

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