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Birthday Roundup

So, I'm now 27. Sarah kindly pointed out to me that I'm now in my late-20s, as opposed to by mid-20s.

Anyway, my birthday celebration started on Wednesday when Joe called and asked if I wanted to get a pre-birthday pint with him at Blackfoot. So, I walked across the street and had a drink with him and Ashley, which turned into going to Miller's, meeting up with Ginny and Nate, and having a few drinks.

Thursday, I left work, and Lisa called asking if she could get me a drink, so I agreed and we had a pint at Miller's and shot some pool. Sarah dropped by to give me a birthday card before hitting the road for Missoula to catch the Whalers. I then headed on over to Silverstar, where Christine had organized a small group (Dan, Jessica, Rebecca, Zack, her, and me) to get dinner with. Very nice, and after dinner I swung by the girls' house to just hang out for a bit. Shannon had called, saying I should come on down to the Gold Bar, but I was just exhausted, and the GB wasn't going to do it for me.

Friday night was low key. I met up with Hal and Erik to play some pool at the Gold Bar, and Justin showed up a little later. I was out of there early since I had to do an appraiser training in Manhattan at 9 on Saturday.

Saturday, I went back to the GB, where I had ordered a keg to have a birthday bash. Good times, as most of my friends from Helene were there (Shannon, Bob, Joe, Dan, Ashley, Jeri, Hal, Erik, Erin, Steph K., Becky, Christina, Ana, Jessica, Ginny, Rebecca, Julian, Lisa, Justin, some of the new VISTAs, Zach, Nick, Heather, etc etc). The night went pretty well (except for the fact that I couldn't shoot pool worth a damn), until about 1:30 in the morning. I was towards the back of the bar, when suddenly I hear some noise, and see that there's a fight at the pool table where most of my friends had been playing pool. I quickly move over to the table, reach in and grab a guy, pulling him back, just trying to break up the fight. Apparently, while I was struggling to do this, I got pushed and my head was practically on the pool table, and some guy was coming at me. I say apparently, since while I did notice getting pushed around a bit, I didn't realize anyone was attacking me. According to Joe, this is where he got involved, as he wasn't going to let someone beat me up, and stopped this from happening. Anyway, I get the guy away from the melee, and things are pretty much settled, when the police show up. I guess they talked to a few people, but no biggie.

We close the bar down, and a group of us (Shannon, Bob, Hal, Erik, Heather, me, and we pick up Justin) pile into Hal's car to go get some food, so we go to Perkins. Dan and Jeri meet us out there, where we have some breakfast (which probably saved me from having a hangover this morning).

So, a slightly more action packed evening that expected. And we apparently failed to kick the keg.

Today involved a trip to Great Divide with Ana and Ashley. Not the greatest conditions, as it's pretty icy out there, but I did get to work on my jumping a bit. After that, a trip to Joe's Super Bowl party, and now I'm here. Whew - exhausting.

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