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Selling out?
buzzed, B&W
I keep seeing bands that were relatively obscure getting front page coverage on MySpace - i.e. Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Sleater-Kiney, and Tegan and Sara - I wonder if this is a sign that a band has jumped the shark (of at least the indie scene).

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these types of bands are getting a lot of coverage on Fuse, too. "indie" is reaching way more people than it used to. is this bad? good for the bands probably, but bad for those of us who want to go to concerts w/out the 12-yr olds.

Don't blame Tegan and Sara (especially Sara, she's so vulnerable)

Clear Channel seems to be seeking to promote artists in a way that disguises their effort as a reflection of those groups' grassroots popularity among of typical Myspace users and their peers. The viral marketing strategy works only if the product (musicians in this case) could be believable as an "under the radar" find. It seems that a developing artist with widespread exposure Michelle Branch, for example, would make a poor candidate for this marketing channel, while artists with relatively less mainstream exposure like Tegan and Sara would have greater credibility and resonance within the Myspace population. Also, it should be considered that once signed to a recording contract, artists typically have little control over how their work is marketed, which would seem to be at the discretion of the record company.

Re: Don't blame Tegan and Sara (especially Sara, she's so vulnerable)

Mr. Livingston I presume?

Anyway, I'm not blaming anyone, it was just an observation. Though I'm confused as to why Clear Channel would be promoting a band - record companies pay Clear Channel for airtime or venue exposure, and as far as I know, Clear Channel doesn't have any iterest in seeing a band succeed.

As for marketting, that sort of depends too. With many smaller labels, you don't get any marketting, and you're still promoting yourself, with the advantage that now you have a distribution channel for your music. (Not that I have any idea what labels most of the bands I named are on . . . )

Re: Don't blame Tegan and Sara (especially Sara, she's so vulnerable)

Busted! I don't know why I get a kick out of trying to be anonymous...

I assume that Clear Channel is being paid to promote artists, just like they get paid for placing ads on their site. I recently saw the Myspace Sampler CD at Virgin Record Mega Store.

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