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Yea for sandals

So, anyone who has known me for more than a couple days knows that I tend to wear sandals almost all the time. Even this past weekend, when we were up in the Elkhorns, and hiking along some cross country ski trails that had a good 3 to 4 inches of snow on them, I was wearing my trusted pair of Birkenstocks. Unfortunately, after five years or so, they're pretty shot - I've had the soles replaced 3 or 4 times, and the leather over the cork footbed is cracked and peeling in all sorts of ways, and the cork footbed is cracked through.

This Christmas, I had the Birks on my X-mas wishlist, but unfortunately no one got them for me. But, since my birthday is rather soon, my parents ordered me a pair from I just tried them on, and let me say, it's going to take a bit to break them in. I had to set all the straps one notch looser than the current pair I have . . . still, it's exciting to have new sandals, even if it is winter time!

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