hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Sarah is my buddy

So, Friday night, while most of our crowd went to the Cool Dog Ball, I went and had dinner with Christine at Rebecca's. Afterward, I headed down to the Gold Bar with Ana to meet Sarah, where she introduced us to this guy she had been talking to at the bar named Ed. Ed was a burly sort of guy, wearing a couple layers, topped with a flannel workshirt, and a big, thick beard and a mop of hair.

I'm hanging out by the pool table, waiting to challenge, and when Ed walks past me, he's like "that girl over there says you're her buddy," to which I respond in the affirmative. He asks me if I know what a buddy is, and when I say I'm not sure, he tells me "A buddy is the guy who'll go out and get two blowjobs and bring one back for you." He comes back later and flips it around, with a buddy being someone who finds two girls to eat out, and brings one home for you . . .

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