hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,


Okay, so I don't think I'm that great at soccer, but man, I was frustrated with some of the guys I played with tonight. I started indoor, and man, these people just didn't want to listen or are out of shape or something. I'd be yelling at them to commit to the attacker while behind them. Standard procedure, since you don't want to give the offense the initiative, and as long as you have a man behind you who's directing you, it's okay to commit. One guy got a goal because I fed him a good assist, but after that he turned into a ball hog. Another guy just wouldn't commit, neither on defense nor on offense. Perhaps that's the way I am and I just stand around too much myself. It's hard to judge my play since I'm not a big soccer expert. I'm sure the rest of the team is trying though, it's just frustrating sometimes . . .

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