hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Friday the 13th

So, let's see, what did I do today?

I slept in till around 9, messed around till about 10:30 or so, before Justin and I went down to snowboard at Bridger. I'd never been before, and today was $10 lift tickets in celebration of their 6th anniversary, so I figured I might as well go. Had a nice time that reminded me of Robin.

Justin and I get back into town around 9, and I meet up with a crowd at Mackenzie River, before rolling on out to Silver City. Hang out there for a while, play some pool, observe some drama, whatever, before rolling back into town around 1:00.

I get home, and am doing some e-mail and things, and notice that my computer is acting a bit slow. Doing a bit of research, it seems there are some rogue perl scripts running. A bit more research, and it seems that someone used a phpBB exploit and got the scripts on there. I was going to upgrade phpBB, when I find out that Gentoo has it hardmasked due to the many exploits. So, I just finished uninstalling it, as the group I had set it up for isn't using it anymore. I still have the tables, so I'm sure if I ever really need the data, I can get it.

Let's hope that's enough to stop anyone from making my computer into a zombie . . .

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